Our Services
Our Services
Using modern technologies and approaches, we develop solutions that can increase the efficiency of your business, boost sales and the convenience of your customers and employees.  

The solution to your individual tasks

Our approach is to examine and analyze what hurts your business, your customers' needs and the methods of working in the market - and offer a solution that will best meet the requirements and solve the problem as efficiently as possible.
  • Web solutions

  • Mobile applications

  • Product support

  • development of portals and services
  • development of PWA products
  • installation, customization and setup of online stores
  • automation of internal processes of the company
  • development, configuration and implementation of CRM, ERP systems
  • integration with various services and APIs: payment, delivery, social networks, maps, and many others.

  • to enhance the convenience of your customers
  • customer retention and increase their loyalty
  • provision of additional services
  • solutions for safe and fast communication
  • management of video, audio and other media content

  •  timely updating of CMS versions and modules
  •  refinement of requisite additional features
  •  working with legacy code and refactoring
  •  introduction of new technologies
  •  integration with additional services

Our service pricing

To evaluate our work, we use simple and transparent approaches. After analyzing a task, we make an assessment of the time required for its implementation and, depending on the assessment, calculate the cost. We use both approaches of Fixed Price, and Time and Materials.
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Our industry-specific expertise

Each market and individual industries may have their specific features and challenges; understanding them helps us solve tasks in the most appropriate and efficient way.
Mobile operators

  • Mobile application development
  • Portal development
  • Implementation of marketing bonus programs
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Roaming management, flexi data, add-ons etc.


  • Development of both large and small online stores.
  • Integration with payment and delivery services.
  • Existing store support and increased sales volumes.

Mass Media

  • Increasing stability and speed of high-load portals.
  • Implementation of content delivery network (CDN).
  • Ensuring fast search and navigation through large volume of content.

Translation and interpreting services

  • Increasing efficiency and automation of company performance in -the area of translation services.
  • Development and implementation of machine translation systems.

Digital Marketing Agencies

  • Development of marketing and advertising projects
  • Bonus programs and promoting customer loyalty
  • Search engine optimization
  • High-quality UX / UI
  • Brand identity development

Automotive industry

  • Development of portals for spare parts selection and sales
  • Search and sales of tires and wheel rims
  • Integration with various databases
  • Website optimization and acceleration

Technology stack
The set of technologies that we use to develop projects for better performance and user-friendliness
Mobile Technologies
Web Technologies
Database Technologies


What is WordPress maintenance service?

As WordPress is open source software, it has regular updates to improve your website security, performance, stability and adding new features. With WordPress core updates taking place, all themes and plugins, also have updates for those same reasons.

By ignoring or doing those updates themselves, WordPress website owners are sitting on a ticking timebomb. Sooner rather than later the outdated website can be broken or even hacked!

With our WordPress maintenance service, you can focus on your business and not on your website issues. We will provide proper care of your website to ensure it is up to date, secure and stable 24/7.

How does onboarding process work?

How does onboarding process work?

What is your response time?

What is your response time?

Why should I choose WP AOS?

Why should I choose WP AOS?

Is WP AOS GDPR complaint?

Is WP AOS GDPR complaint?

Can I change site care plans?

Can I change site care plans?

What's included in "site edits"? What's not included?

What’s included in “site edits”? What’s not included?

Do you manage WordPress Multisite networks?

Do you manage WordPress Multisite networks?

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