Angular Development Services for Web Projects of Any Complexity

Angular Development Services for Web Projects of Any Complexity

Angular.js is one of the few technologies that have been here for more than ten years already. During recent years, Angular has evolved even more, turning the attention of developers and future project owners worldwide. Let’s uncover the features and benefits of this framework to make a fully-informed choice whether Angular.js suits your project specifics.

Angular.js in a Nutshell

Angular.js is a frontend web development framework created by Google in 2010. To date, it has an extensive community and still enjoys Google support. For example, Gmail is created with its help, along with such famous apps as Forbes and PayPal. As the name suggests, JavaScript is at the heart of this framework.

Top Benefits of Angular. js for Your Future Project

Below are the features of this framework that make frontend Angular development a good idea.

  • Model-View-Controller architecture and two-way data binding. These are two interconnected features that make the Angular apps highly performant and responsive. To explain the essence simply, when the developers make changes to the Model, it is instantly updated in View, speeding up the process of creating UI components.
  • Large talent pool. Those business owners in need of Angular web development services are unlikely to face a talent shortage. There is a great talent pool of Angular programmers, and despite this framework being difficult to master, a lot of JS developers consider it promising.
  • Server-side rendering with the help of API. This feature makes the applications created with Angular robust, performant and responsive.
  • Dependency injection. Because of this feature, the Angular components became more modular and that’s why can be tested and debugged separately.

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Main Types of Projects Angular Is Suitable For

Below are the top three Angular native development services when this framework is frequently chosen.

  • Single Page Apps. The use of server-side rendering via APIs makes single-page apps even more speedy and performant.
  • Dynamic content apps. Angular instantly turns HTML content into a dynamic one so it can be a good choice for dynamic content apps.
  • Progressive web apps. Creating PWAs with Angular is also possible. For this goal, the developers use the service worker – a special tool that transforms Angular-powered web apps into progressive ones, that is, those working without an Internet connection and saving the data in cache.

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Why Outsourcing Angular Development Services Is Value-Adding?

Choosing the right technology for your project development is already half the battle. The next task to resolve is what strategy to choose for hiring the best talents and meeting the development budget. Outsourcing the software development process is a long-established tactic to access top tech expertise at a reasonable cost, run your project remotely, stay flexible and still control the progress.

Explaining this tactic in simple terms, you have to partner with a tech vendor which already has the necessary talents under their roof and will source them for your project. However, to make all the benefits of software development outsourcing meet in one point, you have to choose the destination wisely.

The Right Destination to Outsource Your Angular Development

Considering the fact that outsourcing software development is a popular and value-adding tactic, there are several top destinations to choose from. However, not all of them are equally winning, and the choice of the destination will always be driven by your project specifics.

For example, those startup initiators on a tight budget frequently choose the most affordable destinations, like India or Taiwan. But those eager to match the price with the quality as accurately as possible, are welcome to consider Eastern Europe, paying special attention to Ukraine.

What makes Ukraine stand out in the global software development market? Below are the features that make this country a top outsourcing destination globally.

  • Great talent pool. There are more than 200,000 web and mobile developers in Ukraine.
  • High education. More than half of Ukrainian developers have a high engineering education which is globally recognized as well.
  • No language barrier. Most programmers from Ukraine are fluent in English as a result of their practical experience with foreign customers and self-learning habits.
  • Reasonable cost. Hiring the developers from Ukraine isn’t the cheapest offer on the market but the quality of the final product and the opportunity to access top tech expertise is worth it.
  • Cultural match. The Ukrainian mentality has a lot in common with European so finding the common ground and staying on the same page with the tech vendor will be trouble-free.
  • Convenient location and time zone. Ukraine is located in the center of Europe, which means that its time zone doesn’t differ much from Europe and conveniently overlaps with most of the US time zones.

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White Label Angular Development at ECO & Tech

In addition to the benefits you can get by outsourcing your software developers to ECO & Tech, our company is also ready to offer white label Angular development services. This is the offer for the companies which may not need to create their own software but need to create it to meet their customer’s requests and improve retention. The essence of the approach is simple – our tech team creates the solution according to your requirements, and then, you transfer it to your customer along with the services you usually deliver.

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Angular is a stable and performant technology you are welcome to choose for your project development in 2022. ECO & Tech would be happy to share our tech expertise along with the best development practices for Angular.js.
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