Hire ECO & Tech for High-End PHP Development Services

Hire ECO & Tech for High-End PHP Development Services

PHP web development is one of the best practices when it comes to creating software solutions of different complexity.

Being one of the oldest but still powerful and performant programming languages, PHP comes with a variety of technical and business opportunities. Let’s find out what makes PHP website development a good idea in 2022, and how to leverage the power of this technology in the most value-driving way for your project.

Top PHP Frameworks to Choose From

  • Laravel. Laravel is the most popular and well-known PHP framework. It can promise great stability, predictability, and performance. Creating an eCommerce Laravel website is one of the main use cases of this framework since it allows for building a solution with a complex architecture but doing it at a high speed because of the MCV model and dependency injection.
  • Code Igniter. Code Igniter is better suitable for small to medium PHP projects. The framework is lightweight but still flexible and powerful, plus it comes with strong security features.
  • Symphony. This framework becomes a leading solution when it comes to enterprise PHP web design and development. It allows the developers to create heavy applications able to withstand high loads, plus it comes with great scalability features.

Feel like any of the solutions can be a perfect choice for your project? Contact us to get a free consultation and find the perfect match tool for your software development!

The Projects You Can Create with PHP and ECO & Tech

We, at ECO & Tech, are perfectly skilled with PHP development, along with the frameworks we have briefly reviewed above. Matching our experience with the specifics of PHP and its frameworks, together we can create the following solutions.

  • eCommerce projects. PHP fits eCommerce development because of the opportunity to write clean code appreciated by search engines, build a complex architecture without sacrificing the user experience, add security features and launch the first MVP pretty quickly.
  • Dynamic web pages. PHP is a top choice for dynamic content web pages because of the opportunity to easily integrate it with any CMS, customizing the latter.
  • Real-time apps. Immediate data delivery and PHP fit each other well. That’s why this programming language is frequently used to create mass media solutions, chat apps, and social media platforms.
  • Enterprise solutions. Supported by Symphony, PHP becomes even more powerful for enterprise development for different industries. The scalability, performance, and security they can promise are the core business values of using PHP for enterprise solutions creation.

Would you like to create any of the projects above? Let’s discuss your idea and find out whether PHP can actually solve your business needs!

Build Your Software in The Smartest Way Possible

PHP development delivers business value just because of the nature of this programming language. However, there is a tactic that allows for getting started with it in an even more effective and smart way. As an alternative to hiring PHP developers on freelance platforms or gathering them in-house, consider PHP outsourcing as a more advanced business strategy to create your project.

Below are the benefits of this approach:

  • Access top talents. Those companies that outsource PHP development appreciate the opportunity to get in touch with the best talents in a chosen outsourcing destination. Ukraine, as an option, has one of the largest tech talent pools in Europe, and there are a lot of PHP developers as well.
  • Hire a ready-made still flexible team. One of the benefits of PHP outsourcing is the opportunity to hire an already gathered team to get started with the project development quickly. What’s more, your remote team is still as flexible as you need it – in the case of a changing development course, you always can expand or shorten it, paying for the services you actually need.
  • Manage your development budget wisely. Outsourcing your software development to the third-party vendor is also the most cost-effective approach, especially when compared to hiring in-house. In this case, you can save on the salary gap, avoiding the necessity to pay extra operational costs.

Outsource your software development process to ECO & Tech right now to unlock all the benefits of this approach and get your PHP project done!


Outsourcing software development is a winning tactic that comes with ultimate business benefits. Creating your software with the help of PHP can be a great choice as well. ECO & Tech is here to help you combine both of the opportunities into a holistic development strategy. Contact us right now to leverage the benefits of PHP development outsourcing, hire a tech-savvy team and move your project towards its goal!