Javascript Development Services to Support Your Startup Growth

Javascript Development Services to Support Your Startup Growth

95% of websites globally are built with JavaScript. This figure already speaks a lot about JS - this is the most popular and the most frequently chosen programming language ever.

The flexibility and customizability of JavaScript allow for building almost any project with it, so let’s find out more about this promising technology, its potential suitability for your startup idea, and the most cost-effective way to build JS software as quickly as possible.

JavaScript Frameworks to Pick for Your Next Project

What’s more, JS is supported by several popular and powerful frameworks the developers use to better tailor JS to their programming tasks and streamline the development tasks. Let’s take a brief look at the top tools for JavaScript programming.

  • React. Technically, React is more about a library than a framework. However, this is the most popular JS tool – 40% of developers globally use it. React is one of the best choices for Single Page Apps, Dynamic Web Apps, and eCommerce software development.
  • Angular. Angular is one of the ever-green frameworks. Despite the thorny learning curve and challenging tailoring Angular to the use case, it performs pretty well for certain types of JS projects. For example, Netflix is built with this framework so Angular can be a good match for dynamic content web apps.
  • Vue.js. This framework makes a perfect match with Progressive Web Applications, that is, the ones that can be used without an internet connection. The tool is tiny-sized but it still comes with better component reusability, flexibility, and better performance compared to React and Angular. Its virtual DOM and two-way data binding allow for making quick tweaks and debugging the code in an easier way.
  • Ember.js. While Ember.js is the less popular JS framework, it still can be a good choice for web, mobile, and desktop development. The convention over the configuration paradigm is what makes Ember.js stand out.

JavaScript Projects Examples - What Can You Build With It?

  • Websites and web apps. This is the most intuitive use case of JS. In addition to the websites of any design complexity, it can also be used for more advanced web apps, created with the help of the frameworks.
  • Mobile apps. Indeed, there are dedicated programming languages for mobile development, JavaScript can also work for this goal.
  • Server-side apps. JS allows for creating client-side apps, however, using Node.js (an event-driven backend runtime environment) allows for leveraging JS for server-side apps as well.
  • Desktop software. With the help of the Electron framework, JavaScript can also be used for desktop software development.
  • Internet of Things solutions. And lastly, JS can also be tailored to IoT solutions development since it executes the code asynchronously.

Why Outsource Your JS Development Process to ECO & Tech

Both first-time startupers and experienced entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to decrease costs but increase efficiency when it comes to software development. Outsourcing your software development is the smartest strategy when it comes to matching the final quality with the best price and less headache for the project owner.

Following such a tactic, you are welcome to entrust all the development tasks to a Javascript development services provider and run your project remotely, while fully controlling all the processes and suggesting the necessary adjustments.

To make your software development outsourcing strategy deliver ultimate benefits for your project, the choice of the right tech vendor is essential. ECO & Tech is a web development services company that would be glad to become your outsourcing partner, create a powerful solution and support you on its growth path.

Below are the services we are happy to deliver:

  • Strong JS expertise and extensive experience. The highest-end expertise of our programmers and their real-life experience with JS development allows us to deliver software solutions of the ultimate quality and great scalability potential.
  • White label development with JavaScript. We are also here to bridge the gap if you have no tech expertise but your customers want to get a full-range servicing from you. Consider our white label development offer, according to which, we will be able to create a JS project to be resold to your customer on the behalf of your company.
  • Better SEO opportunities for your future software. We are also sure that there is no successful marketing without SEO. That’s why we always choose SEO-friendly technologies and do our best to write search engine-friendly code.

Let’s launch your JS project development now! Hire our best-skilled development team to power your solution with the latest tech expertise.