Top-Notch App with Flutter Development Services

Top-Notch App with Flutter Development Services

Building a native application has always been challenging, especially for projects with complex requirements and tight budgets. However, for those in need to create an app with a close-to-native look and seamless experience, there is a set of dedicated tools for cross-platform development. Flutter is one of them, so let’s take a look at its technical opportunities along with business benefits.

What Is Flutter and What Benefits Can It Promise to Your App Development

In contrast to popular opinion, Flutter isn’t a framework. It is a software development kit or SDK that comes with the ultimate set of tools, features, documents, libraries, and add-ons for cross-platform application building. That is, Flutter is more than a framework – it is a rich environment allowing for creating top-notch cross-platform software.

Flutter is a pretty popular solution that rightfully competes with React Native – the most well-known cross-platform development framework. However, their in-built features are different so let’s take a look at the ones of Flutter to better tailor it to your project specifics.

  • Hot reloading. This is the top feature for instant bug fixing and making tweaks.
  • Application builder. This is the heart of Flutter – an in-built application builder. With its help, the developers can create UI elements, compiling the future app part by part.
  • Codebase sharing. The opportunity to share the codebase between iOS and Android is the most winning one when it comes to cross-platform development. To explain it simply, Flutter allows for creating a close-to-native application by reusing the code that was written for Android, for example, to make the app natively run on iOS.

That’s why Flutter also becomes a good choice for rapid development when there is a need to quickly launch the first MVP, test the users’ response, and then decide on the necessity to create two separate native apps.

The Best-Fit Apps to Develop with Flutter

Given the nature of Flutter as a cross-platform development tool, most frequently it is used to create solutions for the following industries.

  • On-demand apps. Creating on-demand apps with Flutter is a winning idea since there are a lot of on-demand themes already developed. The programmers only have to customize the code and change the designs.
  • eCommerce apps. Creating cross-platform eCommerce apps with Flutter also makes sense, even if it is necessary to create a heavy-loaded website. In this case, the developers benefit from the speed to create UI elements.
  • Social media apps. Building social media and dating apps with the help of Flutter is also possible. When created right, the app will withstand huge user loads.
  • News portals. News portals’ specifics perfectly match the nature of cross-platform apps, and this is another case when Flutter can be helpful.

Feel like you have an idea for a Flutter app? Let our programmers suggest a development strategy for your project!

Flutter Development Made Easy with Software Development Outsourcing

One more specific thing to know about Flutter is that it uses Dart – a specific programming language that has something in common with JS. However, the talent pool for Dart and Flutter developers isn’t so large. Despite this tool is relatively easy to use, you still need specific expertise to create your cross-platform application with Flutter.

In contrast to the opportunity to hire Flutter developers in-house, consider Flutter outsourcing development. This is a more winning strategy compared to maintaining an in-house team, especially if at this point, you have to create an MVP only. Partnering with a Flutter app development company will allow you to run the development process as quickly as possible while making use of already accessible tech expertise and affordable cost to build the solution.

Top Reasons to Consider Ukraine as Your Flutter Development Hub

Choosing the right software development outsourcing destination is the only right way to unlock all the benefits of this strategy. There are several promising countries to choose from, however, there is the one that stands out with its great talent pool, strong engineering tradition, practical experience with foreign customers, stable economical and political environment, and well-developed IT industry.

And you guessed it right – we are talking about Ukraine, the leading software development outsourcing destination. This country is a perfect match when it comes to the necessity to create winning and promising projects at a reasonable cost.

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Flutter Development Services at ECO & Tech

ECO & Tech is a software vendor with deep expertise in full-stack Flutter development. Our cross-platform development team is ready to get started with your project, delivering all the benefits of software outsourcing, along with the following ones:

  • Trendy design. Flutter comes with in-built UI components but nothing can stop us from creating trendy and branded designs on its basis. What’s more, when used right, Flutter allows for achieving a close-to-native look of the app’s UI, and our developers know the pitfalls-free way to do it.
  • SEO in mind. Most cross-platform apps place the highest bets on SEO. That’s why we are always striving to write SEO-friendly code.
  • Flexibility and agility. Flutter streamlines the development process by itself but it works even better when your solution is built according to the best practices of Agile and Lean.
  • White label Flutter mobile app development. For those businesses in need to provide all-inclusive services to their customers, we offer a white-label software building opportunity. According to this business model, we will create the software according to the requirements of your customer so that you can resell the solution to them at added value.

Flutter and cross-platform development make a perfect match, especially when Flutter is used by skilled developers. ECO & Tech is ready to source our Flutter programmers for your project, sharing our expertise and following the best development practices.
Get in touch with us to get all the benefits of software development outsourcing along with the opportunity to create a top-notch Flutter solution!