Custom Java Development Services

Custom Java Development Services

Java programming language is one of the few ever-green technologies. Being here for 30 years already, it still helps business owners and startup initiators create, test, and deliver top-notch software. Java understandability, user-friendliness, and security multiplied by the ease of testing and maintenance made it one of the top programming languages ever, now used by Google, Uber, Netflix, and LinkedIn.

Eco & Tech would be glad to share our Java development expertise to help you build the market-disrupting software, leveraging the power of the Java outsourcing approach.

Leveraging the Power of Java

There are several types of projects you can build with Java and our help.

  • Java web development. Java is one of the leading languages in web programming. Being especially flexible and understandable, it allows for creating websites for many industries. What’s more, the code created with Java is very easy to test and maintain, so choosing this technology is a good option for projects that aim at top-notch website quality and no-headache support.
  • Java cloud development. Creating cloud solutions with Java is also possible. Java perfectly supports processing large data arrays, creating simulation environments, and dealing with heavy computational tasks.
  • Java-based applications development. These are the apps entirely powered by Java. What’s more, Java is a WORE (Write Once, Run Anywhere) language which means it runs on any platform without the need to adjust the code.

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Top Projects to Build with Java

Below are just a few kinds of applications you can build with this programming language. Let’s find out whether these use cases match your project idea.

  • Enterprise apps. Java is perfectly scalable. That’s why it can be used for large web applications, for example, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Custom Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. What’s more, Java is a pretty secure programming language so using it opens a way to create well-protected business solutions.
  • Fintech solutions. Java is also good for developing applications in the field of fintech – just because of its ultimate security and high performance when processing the data.
  • Web applications of all kinds. Java can be a choice for both eCommerce websites with complex architecture and simple landing pages, video games, and social media, healthcare, and real estate platforms.
  • Android mobile apps. For many years in a row, Java was the primary language for Android development. Now, Kotlin is popular and frequently used for this case but sometimes Java still makes more sense.
  • Data-intensive applications and AI solutions. Java also allows for creating powerful AI models capable of processing huge data arrays, handling challenging computational tasks, and visualizing the insights automatically.

Main Reasons to Outsource Java Development

Outsourcing Java development as a business growth strategy comes with the following benefits, and you are welcome to get them all.

Choose from the great pool of Java developers

There are 10,000,000 Java developers in the world, so you have one of the greatest talent pool ever to choose from. And while there are a lot of different outsourcing destinations, choosing the perfect match of talent availability, expected code quality and reasonable price is essential. Ukraine can become a winning country to outsource your Java development to. Being a home of 50,000 Java developers, this country is one of the top outsourcing destinations recognized globally.

Run the development process remotely

Java development outsourcing allows for running the creation of your software remotely. This is a win-win option for companies with no tech expertise in-house and a lean business approach since developing your app in a partnership with an outsourcing vendor is an opportunity to save operational costs in the long run.

Stay Agile and flexible

Being a development methodology first, Agile isn’t only about the development process from the technical perspective. It is also about the way you create your software from the business point of view, staying flexible at each of the steps, quickly adapting to the changing market conditions, and planning the necessary resources in advance.

Java development outsourcing allows for achieving all these goals at once. Outsourcing as an approach has agility and flexibility as some of its core benefits since you don’t have to maintain an in-house team, you can scale it any time either avoid extra costs or pay for the actually used services and still develop your Java software in the way your business needs and target market expects.


Outsource Java Programming to Eco & Tech

Eco and Tech is a Java outsourcing company, still, our tech expertise isn’t limited to this technology only. Being well-versed in mass media and eCommerce development, we are glad to offer the following perks for your project.

  • While labeling software development. For those companies in need of additional tech support to redeliver to their customers, we offer while labeling software development services. This approach stands for the opportunity to hire us to create a website or mobile app for your customer, and then, transfer the tech product to them, after adding some branded elements.
  • SEO-focused website creation. For some industries, creating an SEO-friendly code is more than essential, for example, for retail and eCommerce. Understanding the ultimate need of these projects to stand out in SERP, we suggest SEO-friendly technologies to write a code easily understandable by the search engine.
  • Web and mobile development expertise. Java programming language is suitable for both web and mobile solutions. Our software developers are well-versed in its technical possibilities to perfectly tailor Java to your web or mobile project.
  • The hands-on experience and ready-made teams. The multidomain experience of our programmers and the availability of a ready-made tech team allows us to get started with your project development quickly and meet your business goals when they are highly relevant for your company.

Final Words

Creating your future solution with Java can be a pretty winning idea. This programming language comes with a set of technical and business advantages, which make it a popular technology across the industry. Still, make sure to have one more look at your project requirements before deciding on using Java.

We would be happy to hear more about your idea and help you leverage the power of Java development!
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