Node.js Development Services for Ultimately Powerful Software Building

Node.js Development Services for Ultimately Powerful Software Building

Is there a pitfalls-free way to create a technically powerful, robust, and user-friendly solution that will deal with huge data loads perfectly?

For most of the projects having such requirements as the highest priorities, using Node.js can be the right answer. Let’s discover the essence of this technology and its technical potential along with the way to build your software following the lean approach.

Node.js And Its Benefits Explained Simply

In contrast to the popular opinion the first-time startupers have, Node.js is neither a framework nor a library. Instead, this is a runtime development environment used for an application’s performance boost. However, this is not the only benefit of this technology.

  • User-friendliness and intuitiveness. After having tried Node.js for the first time, most developers proceed with it, sharing the opinion that it is pretty intuitive, effective, and easy to handle. Node.js is also easy to get started with – a basic understanding of JS will be enough to learn Node. That’s why your project is also unlikely to face a Node.js development talent shortage.
  • Good for prototyping and quick MVP launch. For the applications with microservices architecture, Node.js can promise even faster prototyping and MVP launch because of the seamless APIs integrations. This is the reason why Node.js is a perfect fit for the projects that are expected to be scaled in the future but at the first stage of the development process, they need to quickly gather the data-driven response from the market.
  • Event-based nature. This feature of Node.js allows for complete and seamless synchronization between the client and server sides.
  • Less code. Using Node. js allows for writing less code, compared to other JS frameworks, for example. Nevertheless, the solutions powered by this technology come out to be robust, powerful, and speedy.

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What Solutions Node.js is Suitable For?

Below are some of the application types that would be reasonable to create with the help of Node.js.

  • Real-time apps. Node.js is event-driven. That’s why it becomes a good choice for creating real-time applications with robust user experience and high level of responsiveness to the users’ requests. For example, simple games, chats and social media websites can easily be powered by Node.js.
  • Single Page Applications. Creating a SPA with the help of Node.js and JavaScript also makes sense. By combining these technologies, the software becomes even more lightweight but still highly performant.
  • Streaming software. Node.js can be the best pick for a project that has to withstand huge data loads in real time. That’s why it is good for streaming services.

We, at ECO & Tech, have extensive experience in creating the solutions above with Node. Let us help with your project development as well!

However, there is one more case of Node.js for web development. In a case, the solution is already built but lacks technical power to withstand huge loads, the developers decide to switch to Node.js, with the aim of making the software more robust.

For example, GoDaddy reduced its number of servers by 10 times after switching to Node.js. eBay has chosen it to successfully withstand more than 176 million users, and Uber withstands 2 million calls per second with Node.js.

That is, Node.js becomes a perfect choice when there is a need to make the software more speedy, performant, responsive, and powerful. However, keep in mind that Node.js can’t promise seamless dealing with heavy computational tasks. For this goal, Django web development is a better option.

Why Outsourcing Your Node.js Development Is The Right Tactic?

Node.js is a very effective technology when it is tailored to the project necessity correctly. What’s more, handling it requires strong technical knowledge, experience, and expertise. The most cost and time effective way to leverage it for your project development is to outsource this process to a Node.js development company, and now you are just at the right place to do it.

ECO & Tech is a software development outsourcing vendor with extensive experience with Node.js development. Our development teams are also well-versed in multiple niches, including but not limited to the media, enterprise, automotive, and eCommerce industries.

Below are more advantages you can get from hiring our Node. js developers according to the development outsourcing business model.

  • Tech talents match. Hiring perfectly suitable developers for your project is always challenging. To deal with this challenge in an easier way, consider hiring a ready-made remote team perfectly skilled with Node.js.
  • Quick start. Saving time on gathering a development team on your own, you get a better opportunity to start with your project building faster and shorten the final time to the market.
  • Top tech expertise for your industry. One of the core benefits of outsourcing software development is the opportunity to leverage the best tech expertise and reuse the life-proven practices the development vendor has.
  • Flexible engagement models. Software development outsourcing is a flexible strategy. There are several engagement models to tailor to your project needs and budget, depending on its technical requirements, size, and scaling projections.
  • Development process control. We, at Eco & Tech, encourage the product owners to stay engaged in the development process, communicate to the team, make the necessary changes and control the team’s performance.
  • Top-notch quality of the final product. Matching the team with the project specifics is the only right way to develop an outstanding product. Our specialists are perfectly skilled with Node. js and have extensive experience in multiple domains.
  • White label development. For those businesses in need to redeliver the software to their customers, we offer while label development services, working as your invisible business partner.

Final Words

Powering your software with Node.js can be a winning idea that can promise a high scalability potential to your future solution. However, having strong technical support is one of the pillars for creating successful, scalable, and demanded software. ECO & Tech is right here to share our best practices for Node.js development and build a top-notch project for your business needs. Let’s get in touch right now!