ASP.NET Core Development Services for Challenging Projects

ASP.NET Core Development Services for Challenging Projects

The choice of the right tech stack has always been a challenge for software projects. While some business owners decide to use the most popular tools, sometimes, considering less obvious options makes more sense. Using ASP. NET Core can become a winning strategy as well, however, you should make sure that this Microsoft-supported technology actually makes a perfect match with your project specifics. ECO & Tech is here to help you with making the right choice.

ASP.NET Core Overview

ASP.NET Core is an open-source and cross-platform development framework created by Microsoft. While this is not the most popular technology in the modern web and mobile development market, it is still powerful enough to meet the needs of challenging and specific projects. Below are the features that make ASP.NET Core stand out.

  • Object-oriented programming paradigm. To put it simply, ASP.NET Core allows the developers to create the application part by part, test each of them, and then, integrate it with each other. Despite this approach lacking flexibility, it can be a choice for more or less predictable projects. However, maintaining and deploying the apps become easier since the developers can make quick tweaks to certain parts without interrupting the work of the whole system.
  • Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment. With its help, the developers may spend less time and effort on creating UI elements. This is the feature that significantly streamlines the ASP.NET Core front-end development process.
  • Compatible with most of the OSs. ASP NET. Core allows for creating the solutions for both web, mobile, and Net core desktop development, plus the apps for the Internet of Things. When developed right, ASP. NET Core applications run seamlessly across the main operating systems, delivering top-notch user experience.
  • Cost-effective. Asp net core development gives the opportunity to write less code, significantly saving the time and effort of the programmers. That’s why it also becomes a more cost-effective solution.
  • Easy to learn. Mastering NET Core isn’t much challenging in the opinion of the developers using it. From the business perspective, it means the opportunity to quickly gather a team – the talent pool of ASP.NET developers is also pretty large.

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Winning Projects to Build with ASP.NET Core

Given the specifics of Net core app development, the following software types are the most suitable to be created with the help of this technology. However, you should always validate the tech stack choice in advance to make a fully-informed decision.

  • Desktop apps. Creating desktop apps with the help of .NET Core is the most intuitive decision since the technology itself is supported by Microsoft.
  • Mobile apps. As for the mobile app development with this framework, it is possible to create backend services for mobile apps with its help.
  • Cross-platform apps. React Native and Flutter aren’t the only choices for cross-platform development. ASP.NET Core is also powerful enough to create awesome cross-platform apps with a close-to-native look and user experience.
  • Gaming apps. When it comes to creating a gaming app, .NET Core becomes a good choice because of its perfect compatibility with Monogame and Unity, plus the created game can seamlessly run across the platforms.
  • Dynamic content web apps. ASP.NET Core can also be suitable for dynamic content and data-driven applications because of its Active Server Page – the concept developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to create dynamic websites.
  • Internet of Things solutions. Using ASP.NET Core and coupling it with Microsoft Azure is a winning tactic to build robust, data-intensive, and secured IoT solutions.
  • Legacy systems modernization. As for one more use case of .NET Core, modernizing a legacy system with its help is also possible because of object-oriented programming. Therefore, the developers can change only those parts that largely affect the app’s performance, without the need to redevelop the whole system from scratch.

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Why Outsource Your ASP.NET Core Development to the Tech-Savvy Vendor?

As you can see, ASP.NET Core is a specific technology, mainly because of several pretty different use cases it can be suitable for. That’s why your software project needs strong tech support when choosing this tool for the development process. Outsourcing your .NET development is the smartest strategy to leverage the top-notch expertise with this tool along with the other benefits of this tactic:

  • In-depth expertise. Hiring a tech vendor to help you with .NET development promises an opportunity to access their practical expertise and make the best tech choices for your project from the very beginning.
  • Instant start. Software development outsourcing is also an option for the projects which need to get started right now. Compared to gathering and hiring an in-house team on your own, hiring a team from a tech vendor takes almost no time.
  • Faster time to market. Logically proceeding from the benefits above, outsourcing your ASP.NET Core development tasks promises an opportunity to shorten time to market. The top-notch expertise of the vendor allows for making fewer mistakes while instant start saves your time on team gathering, interviewing, and onboarding.
  • Flexibility and scalability. The dedicated development teams provided by the tech vendor are always flexible so that you can manage the size of the team in such a way you find reasonable for your project.
  • Reasonable cost. The cost to hire a dedicated team from an outsourcing company is also several times lower compared to gathering a team in-house, especially if you are right with your outsourcing destination. Consider Ukraine for the best price-quality match – this is a top-rated country on the software development outsourcing map.

Software Development Outsourcing Services at ECO & Tech

ECO & Tech is a software development company from Ukraine with in-depth ASP.NET Core expertise, up-to-date web, and mobile development experience, and ready-made teams of top-skilled programmers under our roof. In addition to Net Core web development, we would also be happy to help you with mobile and web solutions creation.

For the business in need to increase the value of their services, we can create a NET solution according to the white label approach so that you can resell the finished app to your customers, along with the service you usually provide them with.

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