The Clear & Complete Guide To White Label Services in Web Development

The Clear & Complete Guide To White Label Services in Web Development

The concept of white labeling is versatile and can be easily applied to web development. Let’s find out what white or private labeling stands for, how it works in the framework of software development outsourcing, and what benefits can you get from this approach.

What Is Private Labeling in Web Development (White Labeling)

Let’s get started by defining the concept of private or white labeling as such. Private labeling stands for the process of producing goods or delivering services by one company with the purpose of further branding and reselling by another company. 

To explain it in an even simpler way, let’s take the process of web development as an example. In this case, the software development company creates a non-branded website (think about it as some kind of technical shell) and resells it to either another company (for example, a digital marketing agency) or the final owner directly. The only task left is to add branded elements and get a unique, customized, and branded website.

How White Label Works in Software Building

There are two business models for which white label web development makes sense. Let’s review them in more detail.

1. Provider partnership (or direct to customer). In this case, the company sells the website created directly to its final owner so that the latter can add branded elements or ask the company to do it for them. This is the classical approach to web development outsourcing when the customer, instead of hiring an in-house team to create a website, hires a software development company to build it for them remotely. According to the software development outsourcing contract, the code, design solutions, branded elements, and the website itself is the ownership of the customer.

2. Reseller partnership. In this case, the company that has created a website sells it to a third party, for example, a digital marketing agency. The agency, in turn, resells the website to its customer, already with branded and customized elements. Using white label web development services makes sense for digital marketing agencies when they have no in-house tech team but the customer expects the full cycle of servicing from a single company.

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The Benefits of White Label in Web Development

Below are the main benefits of using white label web development services, according to the partnership model. 

The benefits for the final owner:

  • Get a custom and branded solution. This is just the reason why business owners in need to strengthen their digital presence choose white labeling. This is the perfect tactic to create a custom and branded website, perfectly tailored to the business goals and user expectations. 
  • Access top tech expertise. When it comes to complex website development, creating them in-house may be impossible because of the skills and knowledge gap. In this case, turning to white label web development means the opportunity to partner with a highly skilled provider who will create a website on your behalf. 
  • Cut web development costs. Hiring an in-house web development team means a lot of related costs and increased responsibility for the business owner. White label software development, in turn, is the opportunity to get a website created by the remote team without the need to gather your own. This option is both more flexible and affordable. 
  • Protect intellectual property rights. The website itself, as well as its code, branded and design elements belong to the final customer, according to the software development outsourcing contract. You may also sign an NDA to protect your ideas and business data. 

The benefits for resellers: 

  • Add value to their services. For those marketing agencies which haven’t an in-house tech team, partnering with a software development company for white label services is an option. In this way, the agency adds more value to its services, providing not only marketing support but also technical help. 
  • Access top tech expertise. This benefit for resellers overlaps with the final product owner gets. Both of them are welcome to choose a white label web development service provider after carefully evaluating and validating its expertise. 
  • Cut web development costs. This is another reason for resellers to use white label web development services, since they, like the final product owners, can avoid the need to hire an in-house development team. 

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Ukraine as a Leading White Label IT Services Provider

The question of finding a reliable white label web development provider is equally relevant for both final owners and resellers. While a white label approach largely overlaps with software development outsourcing, consider Ukraine as one of the globally leading destinations to build your software in. Below are the features that make this country attractive for those looking for top tech expertise at reasonable costs.

  • Large talent pool. There are 200,000 developers and 4,000 software development companies in Ukraine, and a lot of them are highly ranked by Clutch and Good Firms. So, the chances of finding a reliable white label development provider with niche-specific expertise are pretty high in this country. 
  • Hands-on experience. Ukrainian web developers are pretty skilled with the latest technologies used to build both web, mobile, and desktop apps. What’s more, they have life-proven experience with foreign customers and are ready to share the best web development practices to build your project. 
  • No language barrier and mentality gap. Because of the reason above, Ukrainian web developers are also English-proficient and the business value of the software development outsourcing agencies largely overlaps with the business culture of European and American companies. This means no communication issues, a perfect cultural fit, and a better opportunity to always stay on the same page. 

No red tape. Hiring a Ukrainian white label web development company is easy since the country welcomes foreign development projects with simple taxation and no bureaucracy.

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Creating a website according to a white label model is a win-win option. While the software development company transfers its knowledge and skills to either resellers or the final owners, they get a fully customized and branded website at an affordable cost, avoiding the need to hire an in-house team or struggle with the development process on their own.


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