The Advantages of Using Python

The Advantages of Using Python

If we talk about programming languages that should be used for software then Python is quite praised. Different technologies are used in this programming language. They are IoT, DevOps, blockchain and data science, to name a few. There are no limits with regards to the application domains of using Python. So, it is one language that can easily fit into any industry to provide both simple and complex solutions.

So, what is so special about Python?

Advantages of Python

Here is a list of advantages of using Python as a programming language:

  1. One of the most loved programming languages to be used since 2003
  2. It ranks 3rd on the most popular programming languages on the TIOBE Index

Here is a list of reasons why Python is loved amongst software developers:

  • Code Readability

Clarity is quite important when it comes to reading text. If you have something written in a simple language, it is better to read that one than something which is written in a complicated language. You would be surprised to know that it is more or less the same for programming languages. If the readability of the language is not made easy, chances are that the person using it might not be able to read anything. The thing about software products is that the developers usually read the code first and then try to modify it further. Code readability is one thing that can affect the way you read, import, use or modify a programming language. One of the most important advantages that software developers use Python is that they can work on complicated projects together as a team. They can read and understand what the other person has coded.

  • Minimalist Principled

Just like in the case of artistic writing, brevity plays a huge role in Python as well. This programming language is different from the rest in the sense that it advocates concise coding. This automatically means that the programming language does not require a lot of time and effort which is something that makes it a web developer’s dream. Python is not complicated as compared to other programming languages. Yes, you read that correctly. There are fewer chances of any bugs to occur and the code stays cleaner for longer.

  • Programming Paradigms

The Python programming language has many paradigms.

Here is what they are:

  1. Object-oriented

This paradigm in the Python language helps in solving complex challenges related to software development. One real benefit of using this programming language is that it allows the developers to work on the Do not Repeat Yourself (DRY) concept. It helps in encouraging the modality of the code which makes the life of the developer quite easy. It helps in troubleshooting, streamlining, problem-solving and reusing the readability of the codes.

  1. Procedural
  2. Functional
  1. Standard Library

One of the advantages of using Python is that it comes with an extensive library and extra packages that other programming languages do not offer. However, staying true to its minimalistic approach, this programming language does not overload its users with things they do not require. This means that the user has the option of choosing whatever feature they like and not use the ones that are of no use to them. You should know that Python has about 200,000 extensive packages.

Some of them are:

  1. Django
  2. aiohttp
  3. Flask
  4. FastAPI
  5. NumPy
  6. SciPy
  7. Keras
  8. TensorFlow
  1. Sustainability

One thing that you should know about the Python programming language is that it helps in boosting a big part of the community that starts using it. This means that once you start using this programming language, you can rely on getting updates and also look out for any bug fixes that might be required. There will also be quite a lot of recommendations that will come your way to help you use Python without a hassle. This is one reason why many product owners prefer using the Python programming language.

  1. Development Efficiency

Another advantage of using Python is its development efficiency. This means that when you start using Python, you get your hands on good code readability, word economy and a lot of white space which makes it quite easy to use. It has a clear language type syntax that makes it accessible and far from bugs. The myriad of the different frameworks that Python has, serves a purpose to help the community and helps you in moving towards a more sustainable approach together.

Disadvantages of Using Python

Like advantages, the Python programming language also has some disadvantages. The drawbacks are only to give you an option of making a wise choice with regards to using a programming language.

Here is a list of disadvantages of using the Python programming language:

  • Unsuitable for mobile app development

If you are someone who wants to use the Python programming language for software development then you know it is an excellent choice. However, if you are someone who wants to use it for mobile app development or games then it might not be the best programming language to choose from. The thing is that it works best on a desktop but it is not mobile user friendly. The reason is its memory use and the speed at which it is used.

  1. Slow speed

We have been talking about how easy it is to use the Python programming language. There is one disadvantage that does tag along when using it, it is the slow speed of this programming language as compared to others like Java, C# or C/C++. The reason for this language to be slower as compared to others is the interpreted code. The programming languages which require to be compiled to a native code consume less time. The difference between Python and others is not too extreme though. Like we mentioned previously, it works fine when used for software development.

  1. High memory consumption

Another problem that might arise when you are using this programming language is that it consumes a lot of memory. The memory issues may only arise when the RAM has less space due to most of it being occupied by things you have stored. So, if you are planning to work on something extensive, it might not be a great idea to use Python as a programming language. You can still make do with it if you are well aware of the size of the objects.

What Can You Develop with Python?

The advantages and disadvantages will only start showing once you are clear about the project that you want to work on when using the Python programming language. There are many reasons why software developers prefer using the Python language. As mentioned above, if you want, you can use Python due to its possibility of a third-party library.

Here is a list of things that you can use Python for:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software

If you are aware of the current trends then you would know that AI-powered software is fast becoming a thing. So, this means that if you want to use the Python programming language for projects that require AI-powered software, you can make use of it without a doubt. It is due to the wide range of frameworks involved in Python that make it the perfect choice for machine learning (ML).

Here is a list of Python frameworks that make it easier for you to use for your AI-powered software:

  1. TensorFlow
  2. Keras
  3. Pytorch
  4. NumPy
  5. SciPy
  6. Scikit-learn
  7. Pandas

The Python programming language helps the software developers to concentrate on AI-powered software by not suggesting to use bulky codes.

  • Data Science

Python is one programming language that is dedicated to Data Science. It not only helps people in AI-powered software and ML development projects but it comes in quite handy with other libraries such as:

  1. Pandas
  2. NumPy
  3. SciPy
  4. statsmodels
  5. Scikit-lear

If you are looking to create any charts and graphs, you can use Python for the same purpose as well.

It is great with data visualisation packages such as:

  1. Matplotlib
  2. Seaborn
  3. Pandas plotting
  4. Ggplot


  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is a tool that is used to develop applications that need to be understood and processed by and for humans. These tools may include voice recognition services. In terms of the natural language, so much written or spoken text data is generated and shared every day. This is exactly why the NLP tools require ML features to work better. It also helps in the processing of the data. Python is modular. This means that it has a simple syntax and a robust processing tool that is required to develop high-efficiency projects. There is a Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) library specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Blockchain Projects

There are so many blockchain projects that you can start working on with the help of the Python programming language. It is due to the specialised library that is available when using Python. There is a huge community of Python software developers that work together and help maintain a sustainable blockchain ecosystem. There is a flat curve that Python has. This means that no matter if you have little to no experience, you can easily join the blockchain projects and work together with the rest of the family. The Python programming language can easily handle the growing queries list unlike others it is often compared to. You can create a blockchain with only 50 lines of code with the help of Python.

  • Web Application Development

Python is one programming language that is widely used for website application development. It is due to its responsiveness and easy-going nature that this programming language is used for this purpose by many software developers. Python is also really efficient and gives apt code readability. For many business owners and developers, Python is not just a programming language. They see it as a means to developing faster cycles of businesses. The web development library is a resource that is popular amongst many. No other programming language has such an extensive library as Python.

Here is a list of third party web app developers:

  1. Django
  2. Flask
  3. FastAPI
  4. aiohttp
  5. Pylons
  6. Pyramid
  7. TurboGears
  8. web2py
  9. Tornado
  10. Bottle
  11. Zope


  • Cross-platform Software

Another reason why you should use Python for software development is that it is a cross-platform software that can be easily implemented on various platforms. It can also be used across multiple browsers, operating systems and hardware. Python makes building cross-platform software quite easy and also gets the job done quicker. This all happens because Python is an interpreted language. This means that the software that is powered by Python can be run on any platform without having a building or compilation.

  • Information Security Solutions

One great advantage that you get when you start working with the Python programming language is the fact that it caters to information security related issues such as:

  1. malware analysis
  2. scanning
  3. penetration testing
  4. data analysis
  5. automating tasks

It is one programming language that works well for all of the above. This is not all. In today’s rapidly techno-friendly environment, cyber security software is moving towards a more AI and ML-based algorithm. Like we have already discussed, Python is a master of the data science world. The AI-powered software makes sure to spot the changing behaviour and predict the malicious attacks on the website.

  • DevOps

DevOps is all about scalability and automation. This is what makes it easier to use the Python programming language in this regard. Python is the only programming language to be used by DevOps due to its code readability and flexible nature. DevOps aims to streamline the various software delivery products and increase the efficiency of the development. Python helps in combining the code effectiveness with simplicity.

  • Prototyping

Usually, people who use the Python programming language are engaged in prototyping or small scale projects.

This is mainly because Python is one of the fastest programming languages in terms of its productivity. It helps gain tangible results that do not need to be robust.


If we look at how things are today, Python is the most common programming language used by software developers. There are good reasons behind this popularity, most of which have to do with the language being free, open and robust.